Friday, November 9, 2012

Oriole at Nest

G'day Blogworld,
A few postings back I was bemoanig the fact I'd not been able to see an Orioles nest on the golf course despite them visiting every year.

I have a small 'drink station' set up in a favourite patch of box bush behind the workshop. I check it from time to time when sharpening, adjusting, greasing, etc starts to get borinig. Yesterday happened to be a day I took the camera to 'work' and so I spent a casual half hour around the drink trough.

First in was a juvenile Olive-backed Oriole.

After a bit another Oriole started approaching cautiously but to my surprise it bypassed the watering point and headed straight for a nest - directly above me!

Didn't stay long - that's me and the bird. I had to get back under a machine and the bird just looked inside then flew off again. Nice to know it is there, I can keep an eye out for perhaps some more entertainment between sharpening. "What's that noise?" I hear you ask. That's the noise of grass growing!!!!

1 comment:

  1. Noise of Grass growing.
    Very poetic, Gouldiae.
    Good to find the nest too.