Sunday, November 25, 2012

Dawson Again

G’day Blogworld,
Still alive here in Gouldiae-land. Busy as all heck but this morning I ducked out to that piece of private bush at Dawson again. I’ve been keen to keep an eye on a Wedge-tailed Eagle’s nest on the block and John gave me the heads up that he’d seen a pair of wedgies in the vicinity when he was cutting hay recently. Nest was quiet but the wedgies did appear while I was under the tree. At first they didn’t see me but the moment I moved to get a better view with the camera they were off.


I’ll keep trying on that one I think.

I’ve never known a block of bush to be so full of Rufous Whistlers. They were calling all morning from all over the place. I’d estimate at least 4 pair in the vicinity.

Unusually, I ticked a Pallid Cuckoo by sight before I heard it. I don’t recall hearing its call all morning.

White-winged Trillers were busy too. I think I’ve only ever seen one or two individuals at a time in the past but this morning there was at least half a dozen birds chasing one another in the tree tops.

Back to the watering.

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