Saturday, November 17, 2012

A Little Time Out (and about).

G’day Readers,

A couple of days ago, Pop took Nan to the railhead in Traralgon so Nan could ride the iron horse to the big smoke for her dose of granddaughter spoiling. Pop went on to the Morwell National Park for an hour or two.

Last year I struggled to find a decent example of the Butterfly Orchid that grows in there. Currently there are plenty of small ones just starting but I did manage to find one well advanced with at least a couple of dozen flower heads. We are well endowed with terrestrial orchids around here, but this - I think - is our only epiphyte.


As I was struggling with the low light conditions and trying different camera settings, I became aware of a party of small birds that seemed to be checking me out. Dare I hope that it would be those Brown Gerygones? Are they still here? Although described in the literature as sedentary and common, they are just about on their southern limit around these parts so it is always great to come across them.

Bingo! And I think the population has expanded – they seemed to be everywhere.

After chasing the ‘jerry-gones’ for a bit, time was slipping away and there was still a couple of fairways to cut before dark. On the way home a farmer at Seaton was carting in some of his hay bales and disturbing a huge mixed flock of sulphur-crested cockies, corellas and ravens. As he drove through them they would all take off, some landing again directly behind the tractor, others flying off to some distant lookout trees.



… back to that mower.



  1. Love that you're absorbed in the nature all around you.

  2. G'day Boobook,
    Yep, the environment is my church, (even golf courses!), and Mother Nature is my Deity.

  3. Nice one... I think Brown Jerry Gone's are expanding quite nicely through West Gippsland - virtually every decent wet gully I have stuck my head into over the past couple of years seems to have them going "wattisit" over and again.