Monday, October 22, 2012

Of Ducks and Beards

G’day Everyone,
Normal week on the golf course this week, so with not too much pressure to have all the fairways cut, etc, I ducked out to McDonalds – a small bush block just down the road – for a couple of fruitful hours.

First cab off the rank was the always striking Large Duck Orchid. They were in good number and in places it wasn’t easy to not stand on them.

The Blue-spotted Sun Orchids were also plentiful but they weren’t quite open. A couple of White-finger Orchids stood out under the green-grey understory foliage.

While scruffing around on the ground to get some pictures, the tell-tale  3 note ‘kek-kek-kek’ call of the Sacred Kingfisher alerted me to their presence overhead. They seemed content to just watch me crawl about on my knees, occasionally dropping down from a branch to snap up some tasty morsel from the leaf litter.

A small dark bird, (sdb), dived into a tiny hollow just above me. It didn’t want to come out again after a wait of quite a few minutes so I went back to the wildflowers and came upon some nice colonies of Bearded Orchids.

Eventually the sdb revealed itself as a White-throated Treecreeper but didn’t want to pose at its nest hollow. I just had to settle for some classic views of this little specialist.

Nice couple of hours in some beaut remnant bushland – that many of the locals want burnt mind you – now it’s back to those fairways.

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  1. Please resist the pyromaniacal pleadings of the locals.