Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Lookin' Good!

G’day All,

This season the golf course is looking wonderful and I don’t mean just the fairways and greens. Step off any of the back fairways into the bush and there is a feast for a naturalist’s eyes. On one of my favourite ‘nature trails’ at present, the Daphne Heath is out and the perfume is delightful.



In a few places, the Lomandra grows right out to the edge of the fairways and the golfers hate it with a passion. Consequently it is mown down to ground level in some spots but step into the rough a couple of metres and it is growing beautifully.


Some of ‘Pete’s Paths’ are covered in Matted Bush Pea. When walking through it is unavoidable and despite some frequent use by a particular bird photographer it survives very well.



Finally caught up with one of the Olive-backed Orioles that have been singing away for some weeks now.

The orioles occupy the same patch of box bush each year. Although I feel confident they breed here, I’ve not found a nest yet. Maybe this year?



  1. Spring is pretty darned good, isn't it? The insects must love all those blooms.

  2. Dear Gouldiae, thanks for lots of great photos on your blog site. I wonder if you would mind if I posted a copy of your fantastic photo of Brachyloma in a blog I am writing? I will of course include an acknowledgement and a link to your great site.

    My blog site is

    PS I used at live in Bairnsdele, and enjoyed seeing your photos from Dawson, which I haven't visited for a long time now.

    I hope you read comments on old posts! Yours sincerely, Ian

  3. G'day Ian,
    Sure, use any of my material you want - spread the word I say, when it comes to preserving/conserving habitat.