Thursday, October 11, 2012

Gluepot 2012 - The Colours

G’day All,
Eventually we set out for Gluepot and quickly our fears of a rough trip melted away – the track was fine. J&L in particular had a great trip as they ticked the Scarlet-chested Parrot on the way and this turned out to be the only sighting for the whole group for the 4/5 days we were there.

After signing in and checking the sightings board, we headed off to Bellbird campsite and set up our abodes for the duration, and then it was out to the nearest bird hide. I’ll begin covering some of the birds we ticked next time.

The colour of this mallee country always blows me away. Mornings and evenings are nearly always the best and as usual I struggled to convey the landscape with my photography.
I guess this is why the eremophila species is collectively called the emu bush…
At times we explored and stalked as a group and sometimes we split up and spread out over the many kilometers of this amazing property, taking advantage of the many walks through different habitat.
I was frequently reminded of a saying by an old friend:  “You know you’ve had a good day in the bush when you get home late, tired and smiling!” 

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