Thursday, October 11, 2012

Gluepot 2012 - Waikerie #2

Oops, just realized I’ve got things out of order and there should have been a second ‘Waikerie’ entry before I did the ‘Colours’ blog. Got some of these in draft form and I got confused and uploaded that last entry out of turn. Anyway, back to some Waikerie stuff ….

The walk beside the Hart Lagoon provided numerous opportunities for sighting species different to what we are used to, but there were always some good photo ops with some instantly recognizable birds as well.
Then there were those we don’t see much of. Peter G got this nice shot of a bird that is very widespread except for a couple of thin strips at the bottom of the continent, including Gippsland …
Red-backed Kingfisher (PG)
 Deirdre came back to camp one afternoon with a couple of shots, one of which had us scratching our heads for a time …
Fairy Martins 1 (DL)
 Turned out to be a nesting colony of Fairy Martins, (hope the camera strap was around your neck PG).
Fairy Martins 2 (DL)

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  1. I hope the camera strap was on too. Just looking at that second-last photo made me worry!