Sunday, October 14, 2012

Gluepot 2012 - Some Honeyeaters

G’day Readers,

The bird hides at Gluepot are popular with visitors of the human persuasion as well as the avian species. On one particular occasion there was a small waiting period before one could enter the hide near our camp. Another time though I was all alone for way more than an hour and actually, er, cough, fell asleep for a couple of minutes! Don’t think any bird of note flew in.

The various honeyeaters were probably the most frequent visitors to ‘our’ hide, the diminutive Brown-headed being top of the list.
Next most frequent honeyeater visitor for a drink and bathe was the Yellow-plumed. This pugnacious bird often frightened off others before taking over the water trough.
Two others we ticked were the Striped and the White-fronted – both good ticks for us Gippslanders.
Now, what are these? These four flew in – just after my nap – and were very wary. They wouldn’t sit still for long at all.
If you are unaware of the Black-eared Miner story here’s a link to some history, facts, etc. I doubt these are BEM’s, more likely to be hybrids. They have some attributes of both Yellow-throated Miners and Black-eared Miners. Here’s a link to an identification key – this page is printed and posted in all the hides on the property.
Now, if that b….y bird would just sit still long enough!!!! I was excited there for a little.


  1. G'day Peter - We've really enjoyed your Gluepot report - just what we wanted as we're planning a trip there next year. It will take us a while to get to SA especially as there are so many interesting places to visit on the way! After our trip out to the channel country I'm hooked on those wide open spaces too and I agree they are a challenge to photograph. Sometimes you just have to enjoy the moment but photos make nice reminders.
    Barb & Allen

  2. G'day B&A,
    I'm sure you will have a good time at Gluepot. Long way for you guys to go. I wish you all the best.