Thursday, October 25, 2012

Bird Survey for GA

G’day Blogworld,
Had one of those magic days today – out with Martin (when the link opens, click on 'Greenig Gippsland'), and Duncan helping with a bird survey on one of Martin’s re-veg properties adjacent to the Clydebank Morass just north east of Sale. Over the last few weeks Martin has put in 4000 seedlings and direct seeded the 10ha block. We were there to tick a few birds as one way of helping to assess the health of the area as the plantings begin to thrive and the birds return.

We were just beginning with some of the waterbirds out on the morass and noting the calls from the Reed Warblers and Little Grassbirds from the reed beds when a Golden-headed Cisticola dashed about seemingly quite perturbed at us intruders. We took a couple of shots and left him in peace.

The beautiful calm morning and picturesque locality was going down a treat.

The locality was perfect habitat for Songlarks, Pipits and Chats and we got all three. A small group of White-fronted Chats allowed us to approach a little as they poked about the clumps of Glasswort.

As we toddled back to the cars a stiff breeze got up, whipping the grasses and even putting some whitecaps on the Morass.

In the shelter of some low trees a Willie Wagtail was severely defending its territory from an intruding Pallid Cuckoo.

Some other memorable moments included a Swamp Harrier cruising above the reed beds, a family of Shellducks striking out across open water, a pair of Black-shouldered Kites pausing in the top of an old dead tree, Yellow-billed and Royal Spoonbills sweeping the shallows along with several White-faced Herons stalking the mud flats and the beautiful coffee scrolls Martin provided for morning tea!



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