Sunday, October 28, 2012

Back to McDonalds

I went back to ‘McDonalds bush’ again yesterday. I’m trying to locate an orchid I ticked there last year but haven’t caught up with it yet. Strange how the orchids seem site specific. On the way out yesterday I decided to look around another bit of remnant box-stringy-ironbark bush that to me appears identical to McDonalds and barely 1km away. Next to nothing!

Here’s a shot of McDonalds. Looking great this year.

I got amongst the Beard-orchids again and I think this is the Red Beard-orchid –clearly visible naked apex tail.

Then I came across a totally different colour form of, I think, the Purple Beard-orchid.

It’s all happening. Even the Sacred Kingfishers seem to be getting used to the silly bloke down on his knees under their tree and let me get quite close for some shots.


I’ll just have try again later this week when I get a moment.

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