Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Leaden Summer

G’day Everyone,

I visited the Dawson Railway reserve a couple of days back, to check on the progress of the Purple Diuris that tend to show there each year. They were nicely up too …
Duncan and I know of a small block of private property just north of the reserve that we have surveyed for birds in the recent past. As I was finishing with the wildflowers, the owner of the property was moving some cattle in a nearby paddock so I got permission at headed down the lane to check things out.I reckon ‘Sundy’ could sell tickets to this little hotspot. Beautiful habitat largely left alone except for some periods of monitored cattle grazing through the year.
All the woodland avian summer visitors had arrived – Rufous Whistlers, Pallid Cuckoos, Dusky Woodswallows, etc – along with at least a couple of pair of Leaden Flycatchers. Moving slowly and quietly I managed to get close for some nice views of the males.
Leadens and Satins can be hard to distinguish. There is an excellent page on Graeme Chapman’s website that details the differences nicely. The birds I got at Sundy’s place were quite ‘shiny’ but they have distinctly concave breastbands.

Anyway, even I’ve got this wrong, it was a very pleasant couple of hours spent in a little bit of precious bush that a considerate and thoughtful landholder seems keen to preserve and has invited me to return at will – and I will!


  1. Leaden seems such an unkind description! I know it refers to the sheen, but still...:)

  2. As always, excellent images. A comment made in Canberra was that - in Canberra - if you have any doubt whether a bird is Leaden or Satin it is a Leaden!

  3. The wildflowers are beautiful, as is the location!

  4. The purple diuris are blooming gorgeously. Wild flowers are lovely it just pop out everywhere. The place where it is located looks like a paradise here on Earth.
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