Sunday, September 2, 2012

Plenty of 'Yellers'

What better way to celebrate the first day of spring than with a wattle blog? Of course many wattles have been in bloom in the district for some time now and I think someone has told me that is estimated there is a wattle in bloom somewhere in Australia every day of the year.

I think we have at least 10 species on the golf course the bulk of which are indigenous but a couple have been introduced. Here’s a few of my current favourites:

 The Golden Wattle is the floral emblem ofAustralia and is the most prolific species on the course. It lines several fairways and is dotted all throughout the bush areas up the back of the course -



 Just near the 9th green is a pair of wattles with distinctly different shades of yellow – 

 This is an unknown variety that is growing just outside the gate. Except for its location I'm assuming it is from a nursery, as I've not seen anything like in the bush in the district - perhaps seeded from a passing bird?

 There is one lonely Juniper Wattle specimen growing in the bush behind the 6th green. It struggles a bit, is quite small but every year it produces a couple of creamy white blossoms -

Probably my personal favourite is the Gold Dust Wattle. The edges of a few fairways are lined with this attractive low growing shrub that is just coming into flower now. When in full bloom it is quite a picture and much of it gets mown by the roughs mower!!!


Although this entry is about beautiful shades of yellow on the course, I can't help slipping in a shot of the wonderful Austral Indigo that has just come out. There's quite a few plants of this glorious pea around the course and some of it is vulnerable to being mown down too, so I am currently planting a good number of it in well protected spots -



  1. Oh, gosh --- is there a better sight in the late winter/early spring than a stand of brilliant goldust wattles?

  2. Hi Gouldiae,
    Happy Wattle Day to you, too.
    Love the combination of the Purple Indigofera and the Wattles, various.
    Up here, My best colour contrast is with the Hardenbergia and the Wattles. Indigofera is not out here, yet. Soon, though.