Sunday, September 23, 2012

It's nice to be home.

G’day Everyone,
I’m back from my ‘epic annual trek’ to the fabulous Gluepot Reserve, more of which I will bore you with shortly.

After mowing our lawns, emptying the ute and passing all my washing to Glen – (shoulda seen the smile I got!) – I had to check the golf course. I went straight to the driest greens and saw they were still alive – thanks Jason – then headed for the bush.

Glen had reported Noisy Friarbirds to me while I was away, but it was a bit of surprise to see and hear them in nearly every flowering eucalypt on the front nine fairways.

Noisy Friarbird - an occassional visitor in good numbers this year.
 We have been here around ten years and have the occasional bird visit us on a few occasions. This year they have definitely decided to check the place out. My initial estimation is around 50 birds. Quite a bit of competition for the Noisy Miners and Musk and Rainbow Lorikeets.

Voice - harsh, repeated, 'tobacco', or 'yakob'.
 Next I looked at a few of the couple of hundred plantings of young eucs, shrubs, etc that I’d been putting a bit of effort into just before leaving. All seemed healthy and alive. A few of the tiny Austral Indigos I put in have doubled their height and are loaded with flowers. What a season!

Then it was the turn of the ‘nature trails’ in the bush beside the 17th fairway to check on what flowers had come out in the fortnight I’ve been away, and it was a delight to see – fingers, waxlips, peas, triggers, heaths, etc.

Waxlip Orchid, (Glossodia major). Nice display at present.
White Finger Orchid, (I think) - they can be so variable.

Nice to be home, but I do love that desert country over in SA.


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