Sunday, September 30, 2012

Gluepot 2012 - Hattah Kulkyne NP #1

G’day Readers,
I think every visitor to the Hattah-KulkyneNP just north of Ouyen is welcomed by the Apostle Birds in the car park at the visitors centre. 


According to Pizzey and Knight, these birds are just about at their southern limit at Ouyen and the description given seems quite apt – ‘Usually in groups of 6-10 … Garrulous, restless, aggressive; forages on the ground, walking slowly, running, jumping…’ – (sounds like a few of the kids I used to teach!).

We arrived on Wednesday and set up our camps beside Lake Mournpall and got stuck into birding pretty well straight away.
Thanks Deirdre - I thought I was the only one up that early?

We got some nice ticks over the next couple of days including Regent Parrot and Major Mitchell Cockatoo. Others in the group scored some nice shots of both birds but I lucked out there and only had some wonderful views through the binoculars.
Nearly the only very distant/poor light shot I got.

Another bird almost on its southern limit here is the Eastern Ringneck. There are several races of Ringneck it seems and they can each have several common names. I’m afraid I don’t fuss over this sort of debate. I believe we ticked the Eastern or Mallee Ringneck. They often forage on the ground or in the low shrubs offering great photo opportunities.

Whatever the name, a lovely bird not often seen in Gippsland!


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