Monday, September 24, 2012

Gluepot 2012 - Getting There.

A small band of HBW’s set off for the Gluepot Reserve earlier this month. For yours truly this is my ‘annual holidays’ and the chance see some different country. It was nice to get away.

I started seeing different birds to the usual ‘Gippslanders’ once I was beyond Melbourne. One of the first was the Brown Treecreeper. I don’t think I’ve ever seen our White-throated Treecreeper other than as a single bird, but I often saw the Brown Treecreepers working the trunks and branches in small parties.


The broad landscapes always get me in when I hit this part of our big brown land and this year was no exception except that it seemed many of the wheat fields had been replaced with canola.


Driving long distances has never been a big problem for me but I do need to pull over for a cuppa at times. The picture below is about the set up for the roadside stops – you might notice the radio tuned softly to Classic FM, the field guide and binoculars close by, stove and food boxes, etc. It only takes a minute or two to have the billy boiling.


More of this nonsense soon.



  1. Your comment about canola is interesting as we had the same view when travelling in the Riverina recently. I had wondered whether it was a change in agriculture or just that we didn't usually travel in that area when it is in flower.


  2. I should have checked before commenting. Looking at the ABARE report "Australian crop report: September No.163 2012" the area sown to canola is up by 49% compared to last year!

  3. Explains a lot Martin!