Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Upon Reflection

G’day Everyone,
This morning’s walk on the golf course was particularly pleasant. The water on the main dam was super calm and provided an excellent opportunity for some reflections.



Next it was into the bush up the back to check some of the small plants. There are some early Trigger plants out at the moment and they provide me with regular and endless fascination. There is a great explanation of how they work here. I’ve only managed to get one or two to set off their trigger so far – perhaps a bit early in the season and a bit cold in the mornings.


For some weeks now the White Marianth has been on show. We seem to get a lot of this wonderful little shrub here, certainly more of it than what I’ve noticed in similar nearby habitat.


Lots of Nodding Greenhoods this year too, and for the first time for a season or so there have been a few Maroonhoods popping up.


Finally, while I was scrambling around on my knees for several of these shots, I looked up to see one of the resident Galahs watching me from its sunny perch.


Hope you enjoyed the walk?

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  1. Very much so! I'm jealous of the Maroonhoods.