Thursday, August 2, 2012

A Tree Full of ...

  ... Nankeen Night Herons!

G'day Readers,
Ross and I tootled down to Port Albert yesterday to check a few sites for future Heyfield Birdwatchers outings. We'd just stepped out of the car and sprung a couple of Nankeen Night Herons from a nearby tree. Not understanding that these birds will mostly flock roost - we had only seen them previously in singles or pairs - we checked the tree more in hope there might have been one heron left for a photograph. We counted at least sixteen.

They were not too easy to see or photograph as the tree was on private property and we could only look up almost directly into the sunlight. It was tempting to hop through the fence but not wanting to give bird watchers a bad name we decided to use some disgression.

The walking track we were on had Grass Trees, Correas in flower, Greenhoods and heaps of other stuff we couldn't quite identify. A few honeyeaters dashed through the tree tops and the occasional blue wren would scurry from one side of the track to the other.

The tide was high and cosequently almost no mud flats. Swans and various ducks on the water were the only water birds we saw. Down one small side road we did come across a large group of Royal Spoonbills behind some low scrub. Again, they were on private property and we couldn't get much closer.

We headed back to Sale via the Won Wron Forest and chased some Scarlet and Eastern Yellow Robins for a while, listened to calls from Grey Shrike Thrushes, Eastern Whipbirds, etc. All good therapy!


  1. Beautiful photographs, I like to admire such views. I am greeting

  2. Loved all your photos; especially those of the Morwell forest. I will keep an eye out for some of the stuff you saw. :) Thanks for sharing.