Sunday, July 22, 2012


G'day Everyone,
The little Yellow-rumped Thornbill is classed as a rare and vulnerable species .... on the golf course. We see plenty of these beaut little birds in the district but I'm guessing it is the Noisy Miner population that keeps them from encroaching onto my territory. However, twice recently I have surprised a small family of yellow-rumps in the box bush on the back nine.

I told them they were welcome here anytime and that the box bush is one of the least favourite spots of the Noisy Miners. We'll see what happens.

Supposedly a sedentary species, I'm hoping this little lot like the place enough to stay - I'll just keep my eye out.


  1. Peter,
    I counted 18 on the ground in the back yard last week. They have been around for the last 2 weekRoss Stothers

  2. G'day Ross,
    Be nice if yours stay around. Did you get some pics?