Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Vale Fluff

G’day All,
This one’s mostly for close friends and family who might have known Fluff, one of our ‘salvaged’ cats. Yes, that is “cats’. Until today we had three which some might think strange for a bird man. Each moggie had been saved from the green needle years before and each had their own territory around the house with attached outdoor cages that they could utilize. It is very rare that any of the tribe get to roam unattended completely outdoors.



Fluff had not been eating well for several weeks now and her deterioration was becoming palpable. She spent most of her time in front of the fire or in the window sunshine or on a bed.


Our clothes line is perhaps 10 metres from the back door and that is as far as I’ve ever seen Fluff venture. When Glen was hanging the washing, Fluff would often like to curl up and go to sleep inside the empty washing basket. 


Things came to a head today and the inevitable and final trip to vet had to take place. We’re gunna miss her a lot. She was such a friendly laid back cat - never demanding except that on cold nights she would sit in front of the unlit fire waiting for either of us to strike the match.
RIP dear old Fluff.


  1. Hi Gouldiae.
    My heartfelt commiserations.
    I have just been through the same issue with my little Lena (dog).
    Good friends.
    Treasure the memories.
    That last shot is a classic "cat pose".
    Feel free to weep gently.

  2. Thanks Denis,
    Yes, I did see that you recently went through a loss. Commiserations to you.
    'Good friend, treasure the memories' - perfect Denis, thanks. Bloody hell, finding this hard to type - still a bit raw!

  3. Sorry to hear about Fluff, she seems like a rather fine cat.

    Our little rescue cat (Old Cat, found in an industrial estate car park by a firend) had to make his last trip to the vet a month or two ago too, not much fun. Bird people with cats are actually not too uncommon I think, Old Cat was perfect for us as he was too old and vague to be outside by himself so he was an inside cat who got taken for walks on a lead.

    Are you heading up to the mallee again this year? We're looking at buying a 4WD and heading up to Danggali.


    1. G'day PB,
      Same with Fluff, she was much more comfortable indoors. I'm still thinking of her a bit, particularly at night when she used to look for some comfort...
      Yep, heading for Gluepot again. Can't get it out of my head. Gunna give that White-winged Wren another good go for a sharp pic! Probably be there through the week ending 22nd Sept - Bellbird campsite.
      Good luck with the 4wd and Danggali.