Monday, July 2, 2012

Early Morning Sunbathers

It was another frosty start yesterday, so I was well rugged up for my constitutional walk. This Darter was in the big Red Gum beside the dam on the 8th fairway and had obviously been fishing for its breakfast and was drying off.

 Nice to have the camera for a better look...

 A bit further on there was a pair of Galahs warming up before they invaded the nearest fairway to dig for mosels under the grass. Some evenings I've encountered mobs of 100+ ripping into the grass - always on the fairways and not the greens thankfully - but they don't do a lot of damage and a local rule allows the golfers to take a 'free drop' if their ball lodges in a 'bird scrape'.


By this time I was warmed up too. Better get to work.


  1. Stunning shot of the Darter.
    Well done.

  2. Thanks Denis - conditions were just right. As you know, that doesn't always happen with bird photography.