Friday, July 27, 2012

A Little Dab'll Do Ya!

G'day All,
Today I had a small job in Traralgon - now, where could I take a little break in pleasant surroundings while I had lunch? Like a moth to a flame, (or as DF might say, to a Hg vapour light), the Traralgon Res, (map, history), once again drew me in. Like the golf course at present, many of the wattles are starting to put on their stunning Spring garb so it was no hardship wandering the pathways.

Someone ahead of me put up a White-faced Heron from its feeding regime on the shoreline and it flew up on to a branch nearly directly overhead. Most of my White-faced Heron jpg files are of the bird stalking in the shallows, so this different perspective was welcome.

 I thought I saw a tiny movement in the opening of tree hollow. I moved slowly to a slightly better position 'up-sun', and waited a few minutes until the culprit showed again. Rainbow Lorikeet - another species that appreciates old trees, (with hollows).


The ducks, swamphens, coots etc were nearly all being entertained by some young children throwing BREAD CRUMBS!!!! A couple of dedicated dabblers though were working the shallows just off shore.


That reminds me, I'd better finish my salad roll and get back to that golf course.

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