Saturday, June 16, 2012

A Nippy Morning at Heyfield Wetlands

I had to drop the ute in for a service the other day. The garage is directly over the road from the Heyfield Wetlands. "Darn, what to do for a couple of hours?"

I'm always impressed with the variety of small birds here. Right on the very edge of town, cats, dogs, people, and more small birds than on the golf course out in the sticks - wish I could reduce the Noisy Miner population at home!

I ticked Yellow and Brown Thornbills, Weebills, Grey Fantails and Blue Wrens very quickly and they were all very accommodating despite the early morning walkers and joggers 'steaming' by with their exhalations hanging in the air.

It wasn't just the birds that caught my eye. This is a grand time of year to marvel at the workmanship of many spider species. How do they not get tangled in their own work?

 Many of the eucs are in full bloom around the place at present and they all have their quota of nectar lovers in attendance. Walk under some trees and its hard to hear yourself think. I struggled to get some shots off as they were all so active. Finally one lonely musk sat still long enough in the open for a portrait.

By now I'd worked my way to the far end of the wetlands and I could smell coffee and toast at my brothers place just up the hill. Even got a lift back to the garage to pick up the ute - handy!

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  1. That musk lorikeet is a lovely bright sight for a winter's day.

    Is that dew or frost on those webs? Looks cold, whatever it is.