Friday, June 29, 2012

A Cold Morning's Walk

G’day Readers,
Too cold to get the mowers out yesty morning – it was minus several! The mowers make a big mess of the course when you try cutting during a frost. So, I took the camera for a walk…


Slowly the sun got over the horizon trees and a few birds found a sunny branch to warm up on before raiding the flowering gums for breakfast.


Over in one of my favourite bush patches on the back-nine, a pair of White-plumed Honeyeaters, (I hope), kept close watch on me from their high sunny perch. We don’t get these on the course very often.


A pair of crims was working the canopy of the box trees.


Back toward the clubhouse the Gang-gangs were busy pruning their favourite bush. Always a delight, but they can make a mess of young shrub.


The ladies have arrived for their mid-week event so I can’t mow now – back home for some toast by the fire I reckon!


  1. Aren't we lucky that these beautiful birds live where we live:-)

  2. Your photos really capture the cold - those crisp blue skies!

  3. The Gang-Gang Cockatoo is gorgeous! I am yet to see one of these in the wild! Fantastic images.