Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Of carefullness and courage ...

G’day Readers,
The Heyfield Flora Reserve is an uninviting, (to most people), block of scrub and eucalypts just down the road from home. I check it out several times a year. It’s a great spot for some unusual plants – Eastern Scentbarks, Golden Grevilleas and the Fairy Wax-flower, (or Bendigo Wax).

As Denis has told me, the plants tend not to read the field guide literature and yesterday the Fairy Wax-flower was starting to flower, (Aug – Nov?). This plant is also yet another that has undergone an official name change. Anyway, this locality is one of the very few for this plant east of Melbourne and it was delightful to see it coming into flower …



Previously I have ticked Buff-rumped Thornbills here too. This uncommon little bird, thought to be in decline due mostly to loss of habitat, prefers open scrubby woodlands with lots of logs and stumps on the ground. Being a sedentary species I was keen to discover if the population was still in residence. Yep, another delight …



Unfortunately there’s a minus to the day. As I was leaving I heard a chainsaw operating in the distance. I thought I would approach the person and suggest he was not allowed to gather firewood here but I ceded to the idiom ‘discretion is the better part of valour’ when I saw that he had a large German Shepherd with him. His number plate might do – the binoculars were handy!



  1. I like going where most don't also. Germen Shepards are very friendly. Just wear your hamburger suit.

  2. Nice post, and surprised to find myself quoted in there.
    The Wax Flower surprised me too.
    Love those Buffies.
    A modest Thornbill, not bossy, nor too brassy and showy.
    Nice pickies.