Monday, April 23, 2012

A leaf here, a stick there ...

G’day Readers,
There has been a couple of bowerbird bowers in the garden for several years now. I believe the Satin Bowerbird will often erect more than one bower in a favourite vicinity and use just one of them for attracting the female and the others for ‘practice’. The principal bower is tucked away under the shrubbery in probably the darkest corner of the garden – of course.

I haven’t noticed it being used for at least two seasons. Suddenly of late there has been considerable interest in refurbishing it.


Obviously a young male is doing the work – it can take 6 or 7 years for young males to get the full adult satin blue plumage apparently. While he works away, the female(s) watch from a nearby perch and sometimes move down for a closer inspection of his workmanship.


The whirring and wheezing that goes on while this is being done each morning, alerts me to what is taking place. If I sit still long enough they carry on regardless, just 5 metres away.

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