Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Beside the 16th, (fairway).

G’day Readers,
The golf course next door has some small patches of native bush beside a few fairways. I constantly endeavour to discourage others from clearing, mowing or cutting firewood in these spots. It’s a bit of struggle – “It’s a golf course, not a wilderness” – but I’m slowly getting there, I think.

Yesterday the first Scarlet Robins for this winter appeared. Wonderful little birds and presumably in decline a bit, due mainly to loss of habitat.


I’ve noticed the Mosquito Orchids are putting on their annual show at present and I came across some Tiny Greenhoods I’ve not seen here before, too. The Tiny’s are well named – hard to find and hard to photograph.


We’ll get the usual Trims, Noddings and Maroons showing later – already some leaves appearing. Gotta keep that bit of bush!

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