Saturday, April 21, 2012

Always Something

 I took the rake, (and the camera), into the bush beside some of the back fairways today. I have begun tidying up the ‘nature trails’ in preparation for the explosion of wildflowers later this year. I guess you’ve noted the hint of optimism?

As I was working away and between swatting the mosquitoes, I began to feel as though I was being watched. I looked around several times but saw nothing. Then I shouldered the rake to walk back to the previous intersection and there was Polly, the girl from next door.


On the way out a flash of red caught my eye and I discovered this interesting flower. Any guesses?


Full marks to those who guessed Casaurina, (littoralis I think).



We have several of these scattered throughout the bush and they make a lovely contrast to all the box trees.

Even in our little patch of dry bush there is nearly always something going on to catch the eye.

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