Monday, March 26, 2012


I HAD to go to a party yesty.

“Do I have to go?”
“Yes, it’s your daughter’s birthday!”
 “Where is it?”
“Cranbourne Botanic Gardens.”
“Oh! OK, try and stop me!”

We loaded up the food and kids on the trolleys and headed for the picnic area… 

There was a playground with a great climbing web...

"Two hands please Chloe, ...Annabel? Oh whichever"
A sand pit with cakes to bake…


Games to play…

Scary rides…


I could do the rounds of the picnics…


Photos to take…


But best of all, we didn’t have to clean up afterwards – we could leave that to the locals…


OK, I’d better get out of here before the girls catch up with me for saying my highlight of the day was seeing a Bandicoot!



  1. The one time I went there the highlight was watching the staff capturing a 1m long Tiger Snake!

    Looks like a nice party however!


  2. Hi Gouldiae.
    You are ahead of me, with the Bandicoot.
    I have only ever seen the occasional dead one (road kills) down the NSW South Coast.
    It has a funny little piggy tail.
    Long pointy nose for which they are famous.
    Nice one.