Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The King of Parrots

The King Parrots are down from the hills for winter – it must be time to begin re-stocking the wood shed.

Actually there has been the odd ‘kingy’ around for some weeks now but the numbers that swoop in onto the front lawn for some seed occasionally, seems to have risen considerably in the last few days.

 I reckon they have their town circuit, as it is a popular past time around here – feeding the kings. Some people are aghast at providing seed for wild birds, but when I saw the delight on grand-daughter Phoebe’s face yesterday as we sat quietly for a few individuals to approach ever closer,  I’m quite content with the issue, provided it is done minimally.

Bit chuffed about it myself – they provide an excellent op for some close-ups.



  1. I'm with you on the "moral dilemma" of bird feeding.
    A little bit can be excused, especially if there is a "learning experience" for a kid involved.
    Stunningly beautiful birds.

  2. Sadly, we don't see too many Kings in Kalimna, at least not here at no 10. But, I did have one visit some 10 days ago. He/she sat on the balustrade for quite some time, cocking his head from side to side as I spoke quietly to him through the wire door, with you know who growling and carrying on like idiots at my feet. He eventually flew off into the nearby trees, but I have not seen or heard him since. Maybe, somewhat put off by the very noisy Rainbows who are feeding and squabbling on the nectar of the Ficfolias that are a picture at present. R

  3. I love your post and the photos as well!

  4. Brilliant and sharp pictures!
    Fortunately, they are still quite common in the Blue Mountains and around Penrith where my son lives!
    Yes, many people feed wild birds, and I agree with you: if it is done minimally there is no harm since they know where to find their food anyway. And it can be a great way to acquaint children with the wonders nature provides!
    The males are stunning!
    Well done, cheers!