Thursday, March 1, 2012

Golf Anyone?

Bring your gum boots.

G'day Readers,
The big low pressure trough running through nearly all states at present is even making its presence felt right down here in the south east corner. I have to say it is most welcome but then I’m not a farmer ….

When I stepped outside this morning the gauge was around 75mm and now it is over 100! We haven’t had this sort of season in years.

The first fairway was like a lake system.

Here's a couple more shots. Thank goodness I got the greens and  most of the fairways cut on Tuesday and Wednesday. I can't get a mower anywhere near the place at the moment and in a couple of day's time, the grass will be knee high.
7th fairway - yep, the dam has overflowed again and the track is partly washed out yet again!
Bridge to ladies 10th tee - sign says it all.
 Some of the locals are enjoying it...
Carp on the grass below the 18th green.
Wood Duck.
Masked Lapwing on 8th fairway.
Never seen the place like this in March - wonderful. You can switch off the river pump now Al!

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