Friday, March 23, 2012

A First

G'day Readers,
Yesterday I was rolling around on the floor of the machinery shed under a mower - as I tend oft to do these days with the grass growing the way it is, (who was that person who said Central Gippsland was in a rain shadow?) - listening to a pair of Golden Whistlers call to one another in the Red Box trees just outside, when it occurred to me that one of the 'songs' wasn't quite right. (Now, there's a good sentence for you sentence-structure freaks, people to go to work on!)

I had the camera with me - no, not actually WITH me under the mower, it was in the ute - so I wiped the worst of the grease and grass from my hands and went looking. With the distinct autumnal feeling to the weather here at present, I thought that most of the species that just visit for summer would have gone north by now. Not this one ..


First time I've ticked a Leaden Flycatcher on the golf course.

PS: Another Victorian nature blogger I've just discovered, Mosaic Avenues.

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