Sunday, February 5, 2012


What a beaut word – miscellaneous - comes in very handy when you don’t have a lot to blog about.

Several quick trips to Sale lately have seen me spend some time around the Powder Magazine Museum. This is a great little quiet spot tucked away between the Thomson River and Lake Guyatt and right on the edge of town. I seldom miss the chance to have a coffee there, with camera at hand.

Between sips of my cappuccino the other day, a Spotted Crake strutted out from the reed beds and across the mud flats. How well camouflaged is that?

As I snuck around for a better angle at the crake, there was a flutter of wings and the typical explosive ‘chack’ as a couple of Latham’s Snipe took off from the tall grass on the edge of the swamp. After a bit of a scan through the binoculars I could see one still remained behind some vegetation in the middle of the mud flats.


A day or so later, after picking up some discarded food wrappers, coke bottles, an old blanket and a few sundry other items I’d rather not describe – seems I’m not the only person to find this a great little quiet spot – I was sitting at one of the tables when a family of Mistletoebirds and some Silvereyes dropped in to spy on me. They probably didn’t find me as half exciting as the blanket dwellers.




I’ll get that decent shot of an adult Mistletoebird one day.


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