Saturday, December 3, 2011


G’day Readers,
You may think the title of this post a bit odd for what is basically a blog about birds. Commitment can come in many forms and some we like and some we don’t. The commitment I’m referring to here is one I enjoy thoroughly.

Duncan and I do some regular bird surveys for different bodies. On Friday we were helping Martin from Greening Australia and were surveying a block at Marlay Point close to Lake Wellington and the Clydebank Morass. Martin is ‘re-veging’ the block. (Speaking of commitment – Martin’s level of commitment to the environment is inspiring.)

We began at the lower end of the paddock where there is a small stand of large red gums that are struggling a bit in some cases, but still surviving. It seemed that each tree we came to had its attendant population of hollow-lovers… Tree Martins, Striated Pardalotes, Sacred Kingfishers, Galahs, Sulphur-crested Cockatoos, Crimson Rosellas, etc. We so need those large old trees with their hollows!

Tree Martin
Striated Pardalotes (red spots!)
Sacred Kingfisher
 As we moved toward the now inundated lower country we sprung a nice population of about 30 Latham’s Snipe – first I’ve seen this season I think.

Back out into the re-veg area of the block it was good to tick a pair of Stubble Quail and Richard’s Pipits. A whistling Kite was soaring overhead uttering its distinctive shrill call while Martin and Duncan had their heads down in the Wallaby Grass checking the growth of various species that Martin had seed sown 3-4 months previous.

Richard's Pipit

Afterwards we had a cuppa and ducked around to another site beside the morass that Martin had commenced about 5 years ago – you might like to see the birds we got there by checking Duncan’s blog!

Commitment? Nah, more like a labour of love.



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  1. Hi Gouldiae, I do agree with the kind of commitment you describe as being one to thoroughly enjoy. But you must admit that such commitment also requires determination to ignore unpleasant weather conditions sometimes! Then I find it more a matter of gritting the teeth and doing it whether I am enjoying it or not!
    Your photos are great and I am sure I would thoroughly enjoy a day like that.