Wednesday, November 2, 2011

New One For Me

G’day Folks,
John G gave me a yell about a couple of strange birds in his Mulberry tree. He told me what they were and it is a new species for me, so I jumped off the mower for an hour and ducked out to his place.

The birds were in the tree as I approached but they sprung us pretty quickly and flew off squawking loudly.


We went for a quick 10 minute walk in the nearby bush and got WwTrillers, Sittellas, Dusky Woodswallows, Rufous Whistlers and more. John and Marg’s little bit of bush on the bank of the lake always seems productive.

We had a cuppa and decided to pick some mulberries anyway. Suddenly the loud squawk was back in a nearby euc. – Channel-billed Cuckoo. There’s been a few sightings this year and I’m guessing it is the same pair each time, for I doubt there would be whole population of this rare visitor to this part of Gippsland. This time I got some good views of one.


The lake is full and present and is splashing over the gates at the wall.


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