Thursday, November 17, 2011

Heyfield Birdwatchers November 2011

G’day Birdwatchers,
This will be a birdwatchers blog without a picture of a bird!

Last Sunday, the HBWs travelled to the dizzying heights of Balook where Richard very kindly invited us to stroll the garden, (wow), on his property right across the road from the Tarra-Bulga NP. Some contrast to where Jo and I had just come back from.

The Mighty and the Minuscule

Richard has a magnificent property that he works extremely hard at maintaining its natural integrity. Favourite trees and shrubs are enclosed with guards while they are young, weeds are constantly eradicated, indigenous species are planted in re-vegetation plots, fences are constructed to keep out wombats and wallabies, etc.

We wandered the paths, up hill and down dale, through dense native forest to the tunes of Golden Whistlers, Eastern Whipbirds, Lyrebirds, Lewin’s Honeyeaters, various thornbills, wrens, Silvereyes, etc, without ever seeing them too often and if we did spot a bird it was for a very brief moment before it hopped a few millimeters to be behind another bit of foliage. 

Mostly we were looking up in awe at the majesty of the mighty Mountain Ash …


… and sometimes we were down on our knees to inspect the beautiful little Green Bird Orchids.

Mosses, lichens and fungi occupied every nook and cranny – of course I had the long bird lens on the camera.

We all had a wonderful day Richard, thanks, and if you will have us back, we’d love to return in the near future.



  1. Hello - what a magnificent blog and your photos are stunning. I'm putting together a householder booklet on behalf of Conservation Council ACT (non-profit) and was wondering if you would be interested in giving permission for us to use your pic of the Wax Lip Orchid?

  2. G'day Veronica,
    By all means use the photo - thanks for asking - and thanks for the compliments. If you want larger resolution image(s), please email at heyfieldwaresatwidebanddotcomdotau and I can forward them.