Saturday, November 19, 2011

Gluepot Diary #9

G’day All,
This was to be our final day at Gluepot. Up early as usual and we headed for a bit of different territory in the north west corner. The eremophilas in particular were a stand-out just at the start of the track, (a blog focusing on the plants is coming shortly).

Hadn’t been going long and a Gilbert’s Whistler entertained us for a bit, but wouldn’t let me get near enough for a picture. Red-capped Robins seemed to feature around here too. While perusing the plants, a small group of the little Southern Whitefaces were busily popping up to the tops of the shrubs to check the invaders, (yet another first tick for me). Had to be quick with the camera.

A Brown Treecreeper, (I think), flew in onto a rough-barked tree and posed briefly. If I’ve got the ID’s right this is the second of the two treecreepers we got for the reserve.

Next it was back to camp and reluctantly begin packing up. Jo and I wanted to visit slightly different places on the way out, so we agreed to rendezvous back at the Waikerie Caravan Park. On the way out a monitor and a mulga seemed to wish me a speedy return – you bet!

The track takes you through at least one adjoining property which means passing through several gates. Somewhere near the second gate, a small family of emus scurried across and were nearly hidden by the growth on the vegetation. 

Back at Waikerie I immediately crossed the road to Hart Lagoon and checked the ponds. Native Hens, stilts, ducks etc were all still there as well as the Black-fronted, (thanks Dunc), Red-kneed Dotterels and Spotted Crakes …


One more go at Banrock Station tomorrow on the start of the trip home.

 Gouldiae. be continued.

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  1. Try White-browed Treecreeper, (instead of Brown TC).
    Several images at that site are located as "Gluepot".
    Much more striped on abdomen than a normal Brown TC. White brow is clearly visible in your photo.