Monday, November 7, 2011

Gluepot Diary #7

G’day Readers,

On Friday, Jo and I decided to take the Grasswren Walk that heads north from near our campsite and takes you right through to the north boundary fence of the reserve.

www = ‘Wonderful World of Wrens’

Just as we were heading off, PB  who happened to be in the same area at Picnic Dam, gave us the news that he and E had spotted a White-winged Wren just down the road, did we want see it? Well yes. Another first for me, what a stunning little bird, such a pity my photography doesn’t do it justice.

We set off on the walk and soon had some good sightings – a Red-capped Robin feeding its young, a small family of Splendid Wrens and a little group of Variegated Wrens, Rufous Whistlers, White-browed Babblers,  ... and some feral goats.


 We also spotted this juvenile bird that had us flummoxed for a time. When we consulted the oracle and compared calls etc, we think it could be a young Black-eared Cuckoo? Dunno!

This walk brings you back to near the Grasswren hide and we were passing some time in the vicinity when Jo spotted an unusual daytime bird.

Later that evening after getting some advice from a ranger we headed into a patch of acacia and sprung a Southern Scrub-robin loudly proclaiming his territory from a convenient perch.

I slept well after one of the nicest birding days I can remember and some light rain on the tarp-fly.


… more yet.


  1. Hi Gouldiae,
    Great series of reports. Very envious - Gluepot is high on my visit list - just need to find the time. Enjoy!
    Cheers, Ian

  2. Really enjoying these posts
    Must get back to Gluepot soon - I am lucky, it's only 3 hours away for me

  3. It's not as razor sharp as most of your other images but the WWW picture really does capture the moment well I think.

    great work spotting the owl too. Emma loves the owls but we really are terrible at spotting the nocturnal birds during the day, other than ones we have been shown we have only ever found 2, an owlet nightjar on a hollow overhanging teh track at Hattah-Kulkyne that we would have walked into if we had not seen first and a boobook on a low branch at Sherbrooke (across the road from us) that we only saw because he was just above a Lyrebird we had been watching for 5 minutes before we noticed the owl. Poor track record really, I wonder how many things we've walked straight past over the years. Shows their camoflage works I guess.

    I've been enjoying reading back thorugh your blog too, thanks.

  4. G'day Ian, Tony, Peter&E,
    Glad you are enjoying the reports Ian as I do yours and yes, you would enjoy Gluepot I'm sure.
    How lucky are you Tony, just 3 hours from such a hotspot of a wonderful range of species?
    Most of my owl sightings are by accident too P&E, although we do have a small gully near here where we fairly regularly 'ping' a Powerful.