Saturday, November 5, 2011

Gluepot Diary #6

We got the ‘heads up’ from the rangers on the location of all the recent sightings of the exciting Scarlet-chested Parrot, so just on dawn we headed out and met Alwyn – who must have woken all the guests in the Waikerie caravan park as she drove off even earlier than Jo and I.

THE parrot eluded us, despite three pairs of pretty good eyes. Heaps of other stuff though including this pair of reptiles equally camouflaged for their habitat of sand and spinifex. 


We’d heard that the SCParrots were frequently seen on the earlier part of the 5.5km circuit and when we didn’t succeed in pinning them down continued to complete the whole walk. The cuppa and piece of Nancy’s cake back in the car park was very welcome.

Back to camp and a new strategy was drawn up. We spent a fair bit of time that afternoon in the nearby bird hide where we met another couple from Victoria. After a bit the conversation got around to what we each did – retired default golf course greenkeeper and photographer. “Photographer”, exclaimed I, “Where’s your camera?” The quick reply was, “I’m on holidays!” I guess Peter was right, I certainly wasn’t going to mow greens at the Waikerie golf course while I was away.

Brown-headed Honeyeaters kept coming in for a drink in good number and at one point a raptor that confused us for a time swooped in and everything else beat a hasty retreat.

Another raptor was spotted just down the road from the hide too. I guess the hides would make for good hunting territory for the birds of prey.

… to be continued.


  1. Go on, be brave - call the mysterious raptor a Collared Sparrow Hawk - I would. Small beak, no overhanging eye brows. Even though one cannot see the toes, I feel confident on that one.
    The Brown Falcon is looking a bit edgy. Thinks you are behaving suspiciously?

  2. Denis, we came to that conclusion too, though not by quite as knowlegable an approach as yours. We just went through all the raptors that he might have been in Pizzey and ended up with a collared sparrow hawk by process of elimination.