Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Gluepot Diary #5 (Wed 19th Oct)

G’day Readers,
This morning, before heading for Gluepot, I had one last go at Hart Lagoon across the road from camp. While watching the Spotted Crake from afar, a Buff-banded Rail strolled by. Once it strayed within the crake’s territory, the much smaller crake chased the rail off very smartly.

Time To Head North

Very shortly after hitting the track that leads due north to the reserve, we were welcomed by a pair
 of true Mallee dwellers, the Shingleback Lizard. At this time of year the male will follow the female around for days on end.

After quite a few stops we eventually entered the reserve, (is that a collective “At last”, I hear?).

We checked in at the info centre and Alwyn took us to see an Owlet Nightjar in its hollow just near the rotunda. She had noticed the bird when she arrived a few days earlier on one of her track reconnoitering trips.

Bullens Circus!

The next exercise was to set up camp at Bellbird, one of the three campsites. Although Bellbird is the remotest site, I’d previously found the variety of habitat in the region to be very rewarding.

Shortly after lunch we headed to ‘Grasswren Hide’ and it wasn’t long before the typical mallee birds were arriving for a drink. Amongst the usual Yellow-plumed and Brown-headed Honeyeaters, we managed to tick the fairly unusual Striped Honeyeater.

At the end of the session, my camera card was near full of my favourite, the Mulga Parrot.

After planning the next day, Alwyn headed back to Waikerie and Jo and I uploaded our photos, made dinner in the dark and retired pretty well replete.

… to be continued.


  1. Gouldiae - we have been really enjoying your Gluepot diaries, they are a delight to read and your photos are superb. Thank you.
    We're heading down your way in a couple of weeks, staying at Mossiface with my brother for a few days. We're keen to visit some of your local spots - have you any suggestions?

  2. G'day Barbara,
    Thanks for the comments, glad you are enjoying the trip.
    Send me an email, (heyfieldwaresatwidebanddotnetdotau), with your postal address and I can send you a small booklet 'East Gippsland Birding Guide'. Contains maps, species lists, etc.

  3. The striped honeyeaters were great, a first for us.

    We'll have to keep an eye out for the owlet nightjar when we are back next, hopefully he's a regular around there.