Sunday, November 27, 2011

Around The Lake (Guyatt)

G’day Folks,
I’ve been spending some time visiting the Sale Hospital in recent days and during the 2 hour rest time for patients in the middle of the day you can probably guess what I do. Well, the camera is always with me, 2 hours to kill, what did you expect?

A couple of Pelicans entertained me for a time as they swam and dipped in unison.

A little family of Brown Thornbills got agitated when I positioned myself beside their patch of scrub to get a better view of the lake.

Just around from the lake there is a backwater of Flooding Creek that is often worth a look. I sprung a White-necked Heron and two Nankeen Night Herons from the shoreline. These two species seem to be increasingly common in these parts this season. I only managed some acceptable shots of a White-faced Heron as it patrolled its own patch of Water Milfoil.

The adjacent reed beds are alive with Clamorous Reed Warblers in full voice at present.

OK, back to the patient – she will want to see some of the images on the camera too. Oh, I’d better go get her a tub of that fruit salad she likes from the café – I think we’ll go halves.



  1. Sorry to hear that you've had reason to be visiting Sale hospital.
    Most enjoyable post; especially the Reed Warbler which we did observe during our recent visit to Lake Guyatt but didn't photograph!

  2. Interested in birds? Check out the Birds of the World page, where you can learn something about a different bird everyday!

  3. G'day Barbara,
    The cook's back home now - all's well. Are you back home too - hope the trip went smoothly? The Reed Warbler was a fluke. I had my back to it trying to pin down a Mistletoe Bird and I heard a movement in the reed beds!
    Great site Pedro, beaut photography.

  4. No such thing as a "fluke" good photograph!