Friday, October 7, 2011

"Tanks Danny"

G’day Readers,
I hope the nature lovers that sometimes pop in here to see what’s been happening in the district will forgive me this entry, but this is the conclusion of what has been driving Glen and me crazy for the past few weeks. We discovered a crack in our concrete water tank! The leak was big enough to require us to bail out by bucket about 600L a day, (and night), of our precious drinking water from a sink hole I’d dug under the crack. Time to call in the experts.

It took me a few days of hard graft to remove years of rampant Wonga Vine and sundry ferns and trellis from around the tank and then I called D&D Moulton Tanks of Maffra.

Danny arrived with his crew right on the appointed time at 830am and got stuck in right away. A new small tank was to be installed on the shed/computer room, some water pumped from the concrete tank into the new tank, empty the concrete tank and install a liner. Of course the concrete tank was full.

They got the pump going straight away and I prepared some drains for the ensuing flood.

The new tank went in quickly and was connected to the shed and 5000L of water transferred. Pumping out the concrete tank continued until the level was low enough for Troy to get inside and stir up the years of sediment that inevitably collects from off the roof at each rain event. Delicious!


Frogs and golf balls were discovered in the sludge.

An underlay material was placed on the bottom and the liner was dropped in, unfolded and pinned into place.

The old roof went back on temporarily, tools collected – job done! Wonderful work and all finished before 3pm.

A little rain in the next few days would suit nicely now. And, we don’t have to be around 24hrs to bail out! I’d better go, there’s a nice little job waiting – FILL IN THE SINK HOLE – YEAH!



  1. Hi Gouldiae.
    Nice methodical posting, takes us right through the process.
    Big day of work, (and supervising).
    Look like Emerald Spotted Tree Frogs to me. (Peron's Tree Frog).
    Looking at the water, frogs and sludge reminds me of the phrase "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger".
    You and your wife must be very strong.

  2. G'day Denis,
    Yep, thought the frogs might have been Perons, frequently heard 'cackling' from inside and around the tank at night.