Wednesday, October 5, 2011

JSLake with Latrobe Field Nats

Still alive here at Heyfield.

Had a beaut day with the Latrobe Valley Field Nats/bird group yesterday. I caught up with them just out of Woodside and while I waited for their arrival I was entertained in the nearby Mullundung Forest by a charming Eastern Yellow Robin. Always a delight to chase one of these…

We headed into Jack Smith Lake where there was some water for a change! The glasswort species were in beautiful condition, richly green and juicy – they didn’t crackle underfoot.

Coots, Swans and several duck species occupied the main lake. A pair of Hoary-headed Grebes wouldn’t stay on the surface long enough for a decent photograph. On the nearby mudflats the ever reliable Red-capped Plovers were dashing about and some sightings of Red-necked Stints were ticked too. Crested Terns, Silver Gulls and an occasional Pacific Gull would coast in for a rest on the posts in the middle.

A few of us managed to glimpse briefly a Striated Field Wren as it dashed for cover – another bird I’ve yet to get a decent picture of.

On the walk beside the private property and around to the open area we scored Blue-winged Parrots, White-fronted Chats, Common Skylarks and a ? Quail – Stubble we think.

July last year.

August '09

Silvereyes, Brown Thornbills, New Holland Honeyeaters and others would interrupt lunch when they suddenly appeared in the nearby scrub.

After a walk to the beach we convoyed down to the Won Wron State Forest for some plant ticks that included Thick-lipped and Southern Spider Orchids, Brown Beaks, Wax Lips, Running Postman etc, and some of the fattest brightest Common Correas we’d seen.


We said our goodbyes and wended our various ways home, tired and replete – well I was anyway!


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