Saturday, October 29, 2011

Gluepot Diary #2

Hot and Windy
After arriving at Lake Mournpall in the Hattah-Kulkyne NP on Saturday, a strong wind got up and ruined birdwatching and made camping uncomfortable too. It blew much of the night but had eased considerably by dawn – time to go walking.

I chose a walk that would take in a variety of habitat to give me a good chance of spotting a representative of local species. The first part of the 9km track took me into the typical mallee scrub country and the classic Eastern Ringneck Parrot often sprung up from feeding on the ground where they are extremely well camouflaged and they almost always saw me before I saw them.


The Yellow Rosella is confined to a small range that takes in the large Red Gums beside the Murray River. This bird is basically a yellow form of the Crimson Rosella. It has the same blue cheek patch, blue wings and black mottling on the back, but the head and body are yellow rather than crimson. There was a nesting pair near my tent.

I kept hearing a rapid machine-gun like call similar to one I’m familiar with, the Lewin’s Honeyeater. I finally pinned down the culprit – the Singing Honeyeater. The one I got the best picture of is a young adult I think and hadn’t yet ‘earned his stripes’.


The middle section of this walk took me down by the lake system where the big Red Gums were dominant. I scanned the hollows regularly hoping for perhaps a Regent Parrot – probably not in this tree but …


It got pretty hot by mid morning and the wind was returning. I headed back to camp and had my encounter with the Blue-faced Honeyeater which is just about on the limit of its range. I was meeting up with Jo in Mildura the next day so decided to head north and find a sheltered park for the night.


… to be continued.


  1. Hi Gouldiae
    Never made it to Gluepot, but the Canberra birders love the place.
    Nice Goanna, but it explains why there's no Regent Parrot in that tree hollow.
    They're remarkably good climbers.

  2. Great post and I love the birds. The Rosella is a gorgeous birds with beautiful colors. Wonderful photos.