Thursday, October 27, 2011

Gluepot Diary #1

G’day Everyone,
Just back from my pilgrimage – Gluepot.
I was away for about a fortnight and had a great time. As I process the images I will upload an occasional blog to give some idea of the experience. This is the first one.

Big Sky Country
I got to Bendigo on day one and have always enjoyed the experience just north of there, of looking at the horizon. Not much horizon in most of Gippsland.

Lake Tyrrell just out of Sea Lake is always worth a look to see the expanse of Victoria’s largest salt pan. This year there was water, albeit a bit pink!

The little grain towns are fascinating places to a Gippslander. Their skyline is dominated by monstrous grain silos and huge mounds of something – grain I suspect – covered with plastic? At Nullawil a grain train was loading at the silo – 55 trucks and 5 engines!

Breakfast With The Birds
I pulled in to the camp site in Hattah Kulkyne NP late in the afternoon and managed a short walk before dark. I rose early next morning and headed off on a long walk through part of the park – some more details later. When I got back to camp about mid morning I prepared ‘brunch’ and sat among the campground birds with my cuppa.

I started doing the dishes and a Blue-faced Honeyeater flew in to help. What a delight!


…To be continued.


  1. It seems we had the same friend at Hattah Kulkyne:
    (excuse the phone camera image quality)

  2. G'day PB,
    Yep, seems like the bird is quite used to camper's pots and pans.
    Hope you both had a safe trip back etc. WWWren coming up soon - pics aren't great though.