Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Won Wron With Glen

G'day Readers,
I'm still finding it difficult to find the time to get out and about and then to blog something. Last Sunday I did catch Glen at a weaker moment and convinced her to journey south for an hour or two and see the display of flowers currently on show in the Won Wron State Forest. She was not disappointed.

Blues, reds, yellows, purples... were assaulting the eyes at almost every stop. I was familiar with the territory from past years and also had Duncan and Mitch show me some special locations just a week or so earlier.

Donkey Orchid
Love Creeper
Southern Spider orchid
Wax-lip Orchid
Wax-lip (pale version)
In addition to the examples above, we saw heaps of Finger Orchids, Running Postman, Happy Wanderer, Brown-beak Orchid, Pink Bells, (Tetratheca), Creamy Candles, (Stackhousia), Appleberry, numerous peas and wattles, Correa, Rice Flower, Twining Glycine and Twining Fringe-lily, Milkmaids, Guinea Flower, several Heaths, Trigger Plant, Greenhoods. A very incomplete list in fact. It was quite a picture.


  1. You have some good Orchids there, Gouldiae.
    I am jealous of your Spider Orchid, and the Donkey looks unsual, to my eyes. Probably "normal" in your area, just not one I am familiar with.

  2. That Spider Orchid is special and beautifully photographed Gouldiae. Another spot to put on my list.