Thursday, September 22, 2011

Gouldiae Has Been Tardy!

G’day All,
Apologies for the lack of entries of late. A couple of small health issues, busy times on the golf course – including mower breakdowns, heaps to do around home – including trying to fix a leak in our concrete tank, the only water tank we have, trying to prepare a little for an upcoming camp – Gluepot again, has all meant not a lot of energy seems to be left over for blogging.

A short summary of a couple of little things I’ve noticed …

A pair of Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoos were ripping into a small wattle on the roadside. I don't like the chances of a few of the wattle's branches surviving the grub attack.

Glen and I did find time for half a day to visit Jo's beautiful 'Open Garden' in Metung. What a lot of hard work? The result is stunning!

When watering one night, I caught some glimpses of a pair of young Ringtail Possums frolicking on a low branch. By the time I returned with the camera, all I got was mum poking her head of a nearby parrot nest box. She may have called the youngsters indoors, as I couldn't spot them anywhere in the tree.

There are heaps of different wildflowers on the golf course this season. Here's one example of the Wax-lip Orchid that exists in several colonies among the red box.


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  1. Hi Gouldiae
    Welcome back to Blogging.
    I look forward to more of your Gluepot stories and images. I am jealous.
    Your Wax-lip Orchid is very strongly marked. They are notoriously variable.