Thursday, September 1, 2011

Beautifully Bizarre

G'day Readers,
I apologize if you are one of the many who check in both here and at Duncan’s Ben Cruachan Blog to see what has been going on in this little corner of Gippsland. DF recently blogged the Duck Orchids and today he took me to see exactly where he found them. I know there are some followers of this blog that just look in occasionally to see what I’ve been up to and where I’ve been. This entry is for you, as you may have missed DF’s blog about these strange looking orchids.

Weird aren’t they?

According to Jeanes and Backhouse, (Wild Orchids of Victoria, Australia), the Large Duck Orchid is a member of the Caleana genus and though widespread is relatively uncommon. They are capable of growing in a variety of habitats. These were in a pretty dry, (normally), box-ironbark-stringybark piece of bush just north of home. Haven’t seen them on the golf course, but you never know!

There were plenty of ‘wash your mouth out Glenis’, (but that’s another story), Nodding Blue Lilies in flower too. Some were very strongly blue, others were much paler.



  1. Lovely flowers, Gouldiae.
    As often happens at this time of year, your season is well in advance of mine.
    I saw buds of Caleana major last weekend, at Jervis Bay, but up here in the Southern Highlands of NSW, I don't expect them till late October.

    One of these days, you might explain the informal name for your lovely Stypandra flowers.


  2. G'day Denis,
    Some years back DF, Glen and I were walking some bush and D was naming all sorts of plants for us. G wanted to know the name of 'this ugly weedy looking thing'. Ever since then, we have called Stypandra after DF's reaction - "Wash your mouth out Glenis!"
    (I don't think G will click on Comments - hopefully).

  3. LOL!! love the story. Great post of some beautiful orchids