Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Survey Day at Swallow Lagoon

Yesterday Duncan and I managed to get our timetables together and we did the winter bird surveys at Swallow Lagoon. We've never seen the place look so fresh. Here's a brief summary...

This is typical of parts of the bush areas

There are 3 or 4 patches of open grassy areas

Maroonhood Orchid

Carpets of 'nodders'

Spotted Pardalote - a perennial favourite

Trim Greenhood Orchid

White-winged Choughs - there was quite a mob.
Scarlet Robins were still around. The choughs, pardalotes and Magpies were recorded as nesting. The ubiquitous bird for the day was probably the Yellow-faced Honeyeater - a lot of the mature eucs were in flower. 'Twas indeed a lovely day in the bush and we only got slightly damp. Roll on spring!

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