Sunday, August 28, 2011

Evening Walk

G'day Readers,
The spring orchids are beginning already and I took the camera on the walk last evening. I've got some trails swept through the patches of Red Box bush at the back of the course, and it was difficult in some places not to tread on the beautiful little Cyaniculas ...

The Pink and White Finger Orchids were beginning too, ( or is that the Pink-whites or the White-pinks?)...

There are lots of large patches of the beautiful low growing Gold Dust Wattles that in previous years have struggled to flower. It's  different story this year with the recent rains ...

 The sun was getting very low as I headed for home and the lone Pelican on the 18th Dam caught my eye ...

I wonder do the golfers see this sort of stuff?


  1. Hi Gouldiae,
    Lovely Orchids.
    Both the Cyanicula and the Caladenia fuscata (your pinky-white sp) were in flower in Nowra (on the coast) last Sunday.
    Still some weeks away from flowering up here on the Escarpment, it seems.
    I hope to publish my images tomorrow. So much going on here, now, its hard to keep up.


  2. Thanks Denis,
    Yep, life sometimes gets in the way of retirement doesn't it? Bet you wouldn't have it any other way though.
    Funny how the seasons can vary so much, even locally. Keeps us nicely on our toes!