Thursday, August 4, 2011

Easily Confused

G'day Folks,
It's not too difficult to get some bird species confused, as I'm sure you are aware. The two on the golf course that are doing this to me at present are the Juvenile Golden Whistler and the Juvenile Grey Shrike-thrush. On yesterday's brief walk, they were in close proximity as they scoured the lower foliage and the ground litter for breakfast morsels.

Juvenile Golden Whistler
Juvenile Grey Shrike-thrush
The whistlers are quiet at present, only making their short little contact whistle occassionally. The grey thrush of course has one of the nicest calls of all the bush birds and is easily recognisable. Yesterday however, I got non-plussed by a strange thrush-like call. I had to do a bit of sneaking about to finally discover that it was a juvenile that seemed to be practising but wasn't getting it quite right.

"I'll give it another go, ready everyone?"
"No, not quite - I made the camera man laugh though."
I've often found the Grey Shrike-thrush a trickey bird to sneak up on. Several times yesterday I had the whistler in focus instead, and I often had to shoo away the Yellow-faced Honeyeaters, Grey Fantails and the female Scarlet Robin.

Female scarlet.

Gotta go.

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